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Why?/Naytronix @ Lincoln Hall: Live review & Naytronix interview


mike bob chris: The Mutts

In the basement of Double Door, I had the chance to sit down and ask The members of The Mutts a few questions twenty minutes before they went on stage…

So, The Mutts…

Mike: I have never really explained the band name before, this is an inaugural explanation… combination of liking dogs and making a living walking dogs.

First question… Most important, is, why?

Mike: Because it’s out there

Safe Word?

Chris: Booger

Favorite/least favorite cheese? (for the cheese-enthusiast)

Chris/Mike: Gouda
Bob: Well, I am a vegan… so least favorite might be the cheese that smells kind of like feet.

Robots or Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs (collectively)

Strangest venue or gig you’ve ever played?

All: The Mutiny… not that it was strange… more cool than strange

how did you begin your career and who were your influences?

Chris: I was in a few bands before the Mutts (i.e. The Hush Sounds) and we all just sort of met up and rocked out.

What is the most memorable concert you’ve ever attended?

Chris: The Roots at Depaul, outdoors in the pouring rain.
Mike: New Kids on the Block, my sister dragged me there when I was 8, my first concert I ever attended
Bob: My first concert was Filter. Also Cornelius.

What are you listening to now?

Archie Powell and the Exports, Sting, Tom Waits and NPR, Big Science, Pillars and Tongues, American Football.

Old records/music that influenced you?

Bob: The first record i remember digging on as a kid was weather report’s birdland.  I was kind of obsessed with jaco pastorius’ bass in the title track.  i also really liked joe venuti and john barnes live at the concord music festival for some reason.  i was 5 or 6.  who knows? haha

What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Chris: When someone handed me some peanut butter and said “Eat this, you’re not allergic”

If you were to communicate using one word what would it be?

Chris: Aghhh (with some silent J’s)
Mike: Meow
Bob: Yum

how do you make those wicked guitar riffs, is it a gift or did you learn from some venerable teacher?

Mike: My piano teacher from age 7 to 13 was a 6’7″, 300+ pound Hungarian man named Janus Zemzars.  He had a booming voice and had to duck to get through the practice room doors at the Arts Center back in Ashtabula, OH.  It was terrifying to imagine going to a lesson unprepared.  But he was really a nice guy, who just happened to make a grand piano look like a toy (like a real-life Shroeder from Peanuts).  I loved learning gypsy Tarantellas, Muzio Clementi sonatas, and heavy Tchaikovsky compositions.  I accidentally lift riffs from that stuff on occasion.

have you ever considered touring with some strange band whose sound is polaropposite of your own? if you had to choose what would it be?

Mike: Yes – either Sigur Ros or Dream Theater. Or both!

Best part of the sandwich?

Mike: The Crust
Bob: the sandwich is all about the hot giardiniera, available only at the subways in the midwest.  tastes like home.

What can we expect from the band in the future?

we  going to invent something for space travel.
All: Going on tour, playing SXSW, 90 day tour in March

Mutts - The Tells of Parallels Cover


From their album The Tells of Parallels

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